İstanbul Web Design

Offering the newest services in web design, Ticifox stands by all its customers at the point of web design in Istanbul. Brand awareness and recognition are rapidly increased by preparing the highest quality designs for all companies, firms, businesses or personal accounts. In the new generation web designs, various links and studies are made to bring the site to the forefront in powerful search engines.

Carrying out its work meticulously and on time, Ticifox produces the most efficient works thanks to its most special designs. Thanks to its professional team that has been specialized in its field for years, it is right next to all the sites that are looking for a solution. It shows various ways by helping e-commerce sites at the points where they are stuck. It places the selected keywords on your site by doing search engine optimization studies. All these will increase the quality of your site in a short time.

Get Your Mobile Compatible Site

Smartphones, one of the most important tools of our age, are one of the most practical ways to access the Internet. When this is the case, an advanced site will be needed. The design of the site should be simplified so that it can be used easily on mobile devices. If all information tries to open when the site is entered from a mobile device, this takes a very long time. For this, the design should be simplified and the site speed should be increased. If all of these works make you tired and you don’t know how to do it, it will be enough to reach our expert team.

UI and UX Design

While web designing, our teams try to develop UI and UX design in the best way. For this, your ideas are also important. The designs prepared according to your ideas will make your site much more special. However, the site infrastructure is extremely important for the site not to collapse and to survive for a long time. At this point, when you need a web design expert, we can be by your side with our innovative infrastructure. You can increase the number of visitors with designs that reflect your brand identity. Especially e-commerce sites will need an advanced web design in order to increase the number and quality of customers.

SEO Compatible Design

If you want your web designs to stand out in advanced search engines like Google, you need to pay attention to SEO rules. SEO rules are made up of many different features. By paying attention to these rules, the awareness of the site will increase and more visitors will be able to enter the site. It will be enough to go to the front pages for this. Our team, who knows all the subtleties of SEO rules, offers you a very effective service at this point. It integrates all SEO rules with your site so that you can quickly take advantage of all the advantages of search engines. All you have to do is contact us.

Brand Oriented Web Design

If you want to increase the awareness of your brand, it will be enough to ask for designs according to your brand. At this point, your brand logo and colors will find their place in the designs. Our team first prepares a draft and presents it to you and takes your opinion. In this way, the draft turns into a real site. The first person to enter your site will understand what you are selling directly and will be able to see which brand you are. This requires an advanced web design. At this point, our team, which has been struggling for years, will offer you the best and the highest quality.

Custom Web Design

If you are looking for something more special in web design, you are in the right place. Thanks to thousands of special designs, Ticifox has succeeded in bringing many sites to the top. For this, the customer’s request is taken as a basis. After listening to customer requests, if there are deficiencies, they are communicated to the customer and solutions are offered. The result is completely unique, tailor-made designs. Necessary studies are carried out so that personalized designs can also receive visitors.

What Is Ui Design?

What is UI design that web designers often face? Are you ready to look at the question from a wider perspective? UI design has a great place in today’s technology. Now, almost every site has experts that it applies to at the design point. Because the stronger the designs, the higher the probability of the site to come to the fore and reach its goal. In this sense, it would be correct to say that UI design is indispensable for a site. UI literally means “user interface”. It has come together from the initials of the English words user interface.
The UI, which is frequently mentioned in web design, is extremely important for the site to attract more visitors and for the corporate identity to come to the fore. Every detail you see when you enter a site is the interface of that site, we can say that it is UI web design. Certain adjustments need to be made in this interface. It is not possible for every site to be in the same order. If you are going to sell products from a site, designs are made accordingly. E.g; Add to cart, checkout, etc. buttons are placed in areas that can be seen with more distinct colors.

UI design can be shaped according to the purpose of the site. At this point, improvements, updates, improvements should be made. In this sense, experienced people know better what visitors are looking for and act accordingly. This is where the user experience comes into play. If you want users to navigate your site easily and find what they are looking for immediately, you will need an appropriate design. This layout can be achieved with UI design. The design you see will also be a harbinger of whether you can use the site comfortably or not. At this point, UI design also includes user experience.

What Should Be Considered in UI Design?

Before the UI design is made, the goal and wishes of the site owner should be known. In this direction, color, scheme, content are determined and a sketch is created. This draft is presented to the site owner and brainstormed. Thanks to the exchange of ideas, the site can reach its purpose in a shorter time. At this point, the aim of the site owner should be known very well and predictions should be made accordingly. The site designer should put himself in the user’s place and act with this in mind. In this way, what the user demands will be better understood. UI designers should analyze and evaluate users very well.

When performing user analysis in UI design, attention should be paid to features such as which screens the users open, which button they click, which screen they close. These analyzes will directly reveal which topics the user is interested in. If there is any error that may occur during this time, this error must be determined and resolved beforehand. Whether the specified expectations are met or not will be understood according to the time the user spends on the site. If the user is browsing your site for a long time, it will mean that you have reached your goal. In interfaces, the user does not like complexity and can leave the site in a short time. In this case, changes must be made to the interfaces.

The concept of UI is actually like a whole with the concept of UX. UX web design encompasses the user’s experience. But the better your UI design, the better the UX will evolve. Whether the user can use the site comfortably or not is closely related to the visual design of the site. However, the speed and infrastructure of the site is a situation that is more closely related to UX design. A lot of attention is paid to speed when designing UX. These two designs cannot be considered separately from each other. By making these designs together, web designers create much more powerful designs. Thinking and developing only one will cause you to get unsuccessful results in the design. Pay attention to both designs for unmatched success in web design.

What is UX Design?

In terms of web design, “What is UX design?” The question finds a broad answer. In this regard, web designers can realize many different designs. UX design literally comes from the initials of the words user experience. It means user experience. All of the experiences in the areas where users interact within the site are within the scope of ux design. In this direction, web designers try to establish a quality interaction environment. In this way, users can spend longer time on the site.

To explain UX design with an example, let’s say we buy a product from a store. We used this product and as long as we used it, we were satisfied and had fun. UX design also aims to give users the same experience within the site. Users should have a good time and enjoy themselves while browsing the site. In this way, users who want to stay longer on the site will move the site to its target. Especially e-commerce sites can increase their sales figures thanks to the visitors they receive. It is within the scope of UX design that visitors can easily create orders.

What Should Be Considered While Making UX Design?

Web designers should empathize by putting themselves in the user’s shoes while designing UX. In this way, it will be possible to predict what the user needs. In addition, certain results can be obtained by analyzing which pages the users browse more and which buttons they press. Analytics give great clues in terms of user experience. Using these tips, various designs can be thought about the future of the site. The goal of the site, whose design is started with this method, is also important.

If the pages created according to the content of the site do not appeal to the purpose of the site, the user experience decreases. This causes visitors to leave the site. The content of the site should comply with its purpose and infrastructure works should be carried out in this direction. In addition, trial and error method can be applied to better understand the user experience. Draft designs can be created and navigated through the site. In the meantime, predictions can be made by predicting which buttons a user will press. This allows you to avoid potential errors. Web designers always experiment by creating certain drafts first.

After the site passes certain tests, it is presented to the site owner. Brainstorming with the site owner can also be helpful at the design point. Because the site owner will express the features that should be on his site. This cooperation will reach the target faster and pave the way for more visitor traffic. In other words, the ux design is based on the user’s experience and acted accordingly. How does the user feel comfortable on the site? How does it travel faster? Various ideas are put forward with such questions. The answers to these questions can find different answers with the development of technology. For this, contacting innovative web designers who keep up with the times will help you get results in a much shorter time.

Integrity Between UX and UI Design

UX design experts know the features that a site should have and offer effective results in this direction. It can be very useful for those who want to get a fast, practical and quality result. UX designers cannot ignore UI design while doing this job. UI design is every detail in the appearance of the website. Since the colors and contents in these details will directly reflect on the user experience, each of them has to be considered. These two designs cannot be considered independently of each other. Both are designs that complement each other.

UI design takes care of the look of the site and templates are created. The experience of the user using these templates is within the scope of UX design. However, it is clear how much they are related to each other. Those who will design the UI also consider the experience of the user. In this direction, web designers carefully complete both designs. Many different designs can be realized at the request of the site owners.

How to Web Design?

When we look at the increasing number of sites every day, how is web design done? We see that the question is very important. It seems almost impossible to live without websites right now. Millions of people want to build a site of their own, and a constant race begins for this. It is obvious that there are many different competitors in this race. In order to eliminate these competitors, it is necessary to make different designs from them. Designs must consist of original content. This requires good planning. Below you can see the details you wonder about web design.

Before you start web design, you need to make a plan. It is necessary to reveal what topics this site will contain, its target audience, its needs, and the features it should include. When these issues are clarified, various brainstorming should be done and the best way to be discussed should be discussed. As a result, various drafts must be made. Drafts provide a clear view of the site. In this way, it is possible to change the missing and excess. In other words, we can say that drafts are extremely important in web design.

Complete the Necessary Edits in the Site

There are some processes that need to be done in the site layout. One of them is font and size. In order for the texts to be legible, it is necessary to choose a plain font and pay attention to punctuation marks. You need to make sure that the articles you will share on your site are original and creative. Apart from this, the images you will share on the site are very important. These images should be reduced in size in order not to lose the image quality. You can use different sites where you can compress photos.

Care should be taken to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly so that it can be viewed by more people. It is known that many people now access the Internet from their smartphones. That’s why your site needs to allow easy access. By increasing the speed of your website, you can enable faster access from mobile devices. Speed is one of the most important details for visitors. If the site opening speed exceeds 3 seconds, visitors will leave your site.

Manage UX and UI Designs Well

UX and UI, which are important concepts in web design, are extremely important for the layout of the site. The UI covers the work you will do at the point of view of the site. UX is about how users can use your site. At this point, the two cannot be considered independently of each other. Both are very important in web design and should be optimized. After the concept of the site is clear, you can start designing directly.

You can get various images by using Photoshop program while designing web. Therefore, knowing the Photoshop program will be of great benefit to you. Apart from this program, there are programs that you can use in web design. This may require serious know-how. If you have the opportunity, it may be better to get help from web design experts. Web design experts can give much faster and more practical results with their experience.

Create Rich Content

Rich content means that the content contains useful information. This is the point where site owners have the most trouble. If there will be constant sharing, a copywriter will be needed. Because being able to produce text continuously requires serious skill. Your content manager should know the target audience of your site and work accordingly. At this point, it will be sufficient to mention the purpose of your site and its target audience.

While producing content, SEO rules are extremely important for you to stand out in search engines. If you follow these rules, you can stand out on Google in a short time. The most important of these rules is that the content of the text is not boring and long sentences are avoided. In addition, using the right keywords and making links will be extremely beneficial.