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Brand focused modern website design solutions

Ticifox provides its customers with 24/7 support and the ability to create professional, custom websites of flawless beauty. We handle everything for you.

web tasarım ajansı

web design

Ticifox design and software team brings your corporate identity to the fore and prepares easy-to-use and stylish designs that will enable your visitors to reach what they want with coding, and we make your brand different in the digital world.

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Let’s Start Designing Your Website Today

seo compatible

Our website designs are designed in accordance with many SEO ranking factors that enable you to rank first in search engines. SEO compatible corporate websites give you a lot of advantages in search engines such as google, yandex and bing.

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Let’s Prepare Your SEO Compatible Website


Our Ui/Ux designers prepare artistic designs for your visitors to recognize your brand in the easiest way during the time they spend on your site, find what they are looking for quickly, and accurately reflect your brand’s identity.

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Let’s Give Your Visitors Great Experiences

mobile design

Our specially designed corporate website designs are designed in accordance with the screen resolutions of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers of all sizes.

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Let’s Design for All Devices

web design agency

Ticifox is a web design agency that makes corporate website designs and personal website designs that will increase your brand awareness. Our expert software and design team follow the developing design trends and developments that will make it easier for your visitors to use and apply them to your websites. All your website designs, which are serviced by Ticifox web design agency, are hosted on high-security servers and are blocked against spyware with a clean coding system.

Ultra Fast Server

All the websites we design are hosted on our servers in domestic and international locations in accordance with the region of the brand.

Standart Coding

Our website designs are search engine friendly coding that prioritizes the speed of your sites, by taking extra security measures by our software developers.

Free Plugins and Integrations

Ticifox web design agency applies hundreds of add-ons such as social media integrations, instant messaging add-ons and multi-languages to your designs free of charge.

Corporate Web Design

Ticifox provides the highest quality services in web design and discussion. In corporate web design, the reflection of brands and in this way can be given in general. In this case, the sizing application can be realized with studies. students, you can become the owner of your corporate website immediately by sending us the most special program. Corporate web design is extremely important for companies that have customers. Businesses that want to sell quickly should pay attention to web design. People should be able to navigate and search easily within the site. It will not have a web design for it. It can be skimmed through intricate color design and block information on what they can search. In order to serve them better, you should turn to designs consisting of plain colors. It could be the ones that are expert and professional going best for your site. Our team will exchange ideas on special web designs for you. It can also be after the acceleration of your site infrastructure and the necessary completion. Your customers should not be caught in speed problems while browsing their pages. newly opened sites have an unsettled layout and pages are loaded. If you live in such rooms, they can look directly.

Increase Customer Confidence

A customer is trust and loyal to your brand when your customers are satisfied with the life of your site. In this way, you can increase your financial situation in a short time. Your customers may take more time on their pages and get your products. The first way to give them self-confidence is through a beautiful visual. The first time is always very important. It allows the first people to benefit from your web designs, which are very important for corporate identity and branding. The daytime, which is constantly active, up-to-date and close to planning to plan nearby. With the service we provide, you can stand out on google and stand out from the campaigns. A quality site is one step ahead of its time.

What Do We Do in Corporate Web Design?

We are saving along with the detail how to fall from a site from the beautiful. It shows small studies on measurements in all countries in Turkey. Get ahead in our search engines. You can manage all this from where you can’t be. It provides the essentials for you to unload from the work area. It offers an environment where you can easily reach your work. Corporate web design design is our best sense of honesty, to be sure of the finest. By examining our references, you can obtain them from where to reach you. After our working process, we still do not cut off the connection.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile compatible web design is very important in order to easily access and browse the internet from mobile devices, which are one of the most important devices of contemporary value. People who are more experienced than pages on mobile-friendly sites. This should be considered a site to consider. Because now people are accessing the internet from their mobile devices. Instant login is a very effective approach to placing it within your reach. For this, you can provide mobile compatible web design service. Thanks to the mobile compatible web design site, you can attract more visitors to your site. Users can navigate, pull patterns on your site for a long time. But wasting a long time on sites that are not mobile-friendly. Because navigating these sites was like torture. It is very difficult to traverse both pages and paths. Special designs are needed for mobile transportation to reach the internet. read to read the design for a size you forwarded to us. You can also contact us to exchange ideas. Our team can also lead with their experience.

Benefits of Mobile Compatible Web Design

Smartphones are now in your hands from seven to seventy before they run out. When this is the case, the internet becomes easier. If he is a web user or for an afternoon visit he should be able to browse about the site. It attaches great importance to mobile compatibility in order to attract a large number of customers, especially in shopping sites. A mobile compatibility, which is a service for e-commerce sites, to take advantage of an initial use. While customers are shopping with a single click, it is possible to see all their shopping online.