İstanbul Web Design

Offering the newest services in web design, Ticifox stands by all its customers at the point of web design in Istanbul. Brand awareness and recognition are rapidly increased by preparing the highest quality designs for all companies, firms, businesses or personal accounts. In the new generation web designs, various links and studies are made to bring the site to the forefront in powerful search engines.

Carrying out its work meticulously and on time, Ticifox produces the most efficient works thanks to its most special designs. Thanks to its professional team that has been specialized in its field for years, it is right next to all the sites that are looking for a solution. It shows various ways by helping e-commerce sites at the points where they are stuck. It places the selected keywords on your site by doing search engine optimization studies. All these will increase the quality of your site in a short time.

Get Your Mobile Compatible Site

Smartphones, one of the most important tools of our age, are one of the most practical ways to access the Internet. When this is the case, an advanced site will be needed. The design of the site should be simplified so that it can be used easily on mobile devices. If all information tries to open when the site is entered from a mobile device, this takes a very long time. For this, the design should be simplified and the site speed should be increased. If all of these works make you tired and you don’t know how to do it, it will be enough to reach our expert team.

UI and UX Design

While web designing, our teams try to develop UI and UX design in the best way. For this, your ideas are also important. The designs prepared according to your ideas will make your site much more special. However, the site infrastructure is extremely important for the site not to collapse and to survive for a long time. At this point, when you need a web design expert, we can be by your side with our innovative infrastructure. You can increase the number of visitors with designs that reflect your brand identity. Especially e-commerce sites will need an advanced web design in order to increase the number and quality of customers.

SEO Compatible Design

If you want your web designs to stand out in advanced search engines like Google, you need to pay attention to SEO rules. SEO rules are made up of many different features. By paying attention to these rules, the awareness of the site will increase and more visitors will be able to enter the site. It will be enough to go to the front pages for this. Our team, who knows all the subtleties of SEO rules, offers you a very effective service at this point. It integrates all SEO rules with your site so that you can quickly take advantage of all the advantages of search engines. All you have to do is contact us.

Brand Oriented Web Design

If you want to increase the awareness of your brand, it will be enough to ask for designs according to your brand. At this point, your brand logo and colors will find their place in the designs. Our team first prepares a draft and presents it to you and takes your opinion. In this way, the draft turns into a real site. The first person to enter your site will understand what you are selling directly and will be able to see which brand you are. This requires an advanced web design. At this point, our team, which has been struggling for years, will offer you the best and the highest quality.

Custom Web Design

If you are looking for something more special in web design, you are in the right place. Thanks to thousands of special designs, Ticifox has succeeded in bringing many sites to the top. For this, the customer’s request is taken as a basis. After listening to customer requests, if there are deficiencies, they are communicated to the customer and solutions are offered. The result is completely unique, tailor-made designs. Necessary studies are carried out so that personalized designs can also receive visitors.

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