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Web Design Service

We prepare fast and modern website designs suitable for your brand.

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Research and Analysis

Before starting your website design, we research your brand and your competitors and analyze them for compliance with standards.

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We design your website in accordance with the corporate identity of your brand and the easy use of your visitors.

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We present your specially designed website to you before it goes live, and we make it ready by making the necessary revisions.

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We Are Ready Now

After the revisions of your website, which we specially designed for your brand as a result of research and analysis, we are ready for publication.

Why You Should Choose Us

You always deserve a better website and we assure you that we offer the best...







Best website design for your brand

Ticifox prepares the most suitable design for your brand by prioritizing the user experience, based on its long years of experience in web site designs. Your corporate websites are optimized for all dimensions of mobile devices and search engines. Our user interface designs are designed to increase the interaction of your visitors with your brand by quickly reaching the information they want while browsing your website. With many plugins suitable for your industry, you can have a corporate website with a strong infrastructure.

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Web Design

Your website is one of the most important showcases of your brand or person in the growing digital world. Domestic and foreign visitors are better acquainted with the identity of your brand based on the design, speed and functionality of your website.

Instead of ready-made themes used thousands of times on the web for your Ticifox companies, our ui/ux designers prepare designs in accordance with your brand’s corporate identity and the audience it appeals to, and our expert software team activates your website in the digital world.

Web Design and Coding

Web design and coding are examined under two separate headings;

Web design is a complete view of your corporate or personal websites such as sliders, menus, buttons, content articles and media elements that visitors see.

Web design coding, on the other hand, is the process of making your corporate website ready for publication by using the web site infrastructure and coding language suitable for the needs of the brand, the designs given by our designers.

Corporate Web Design

It is the face of your brand that promotes and promotes your brand in the digital world, designed by our designers in accordance with the needs and corporate identity structure of your corporate web design company, and coded by our software team with a clean coding system. You can have your corporate website today with the plugins and integrations used, reinforced infrastructure, fast experience and high optimization structure.

Blog Site Design

Blog site design is called the blog system web designs that companies and individuals prepare to share articles related to their fields and to both promote and create informative content for their visitors. Today, many brands create both the blog system they create within their own sites and the blog websites designed on a new domain name.

Our designers and software developers prepare blog sites with appropriate infrastructure and coding for brands and personal blogs.

UI (User Interface) Design

The UI (User Interface) design includes many artistic activities such as color selection, button shapes, visual use and content placement on your website. UI designers

UX (User Experience) Design

UX (User Experience) design is the art of designing how your website visitors can do all their interactions in the easiest and fastest way, from the first time they enter your site to their last exit.

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