What Is Ui Design?

What is UI design that web designers often face? Are you ready to look at the question from a wider perspective? UI design has a great place in today’s technology. Now, almost every site has experts that it applies to at the design point. Because the stronger the designs, the higher the probability of the site to come to the fore and reach its goal. In this sense, it would be correct to say that UI design is indispensable for a site. UI literally means “user interface”. It has come together from the initials of the English words user interface.
The UI, which is frequently mentioned in web design, is extremely important for the site to attract more visitors and for the corporate identity to come to the fore. Every detail you see when you enter a site is the interface of that site, we can say that it is UI web design. Certain adjustments need to be made in this interface. It is not possible for every site to be in the same order. If you are going to sell products from a site, designs are made accordingly. E.g; Add to cart, checkout, etc. buttons are placed in areas that can be seen with more distinct colors.

UI design can be shaped according to the purpose of the site. At this point, improvements, updates, improvements should be made. In this sense, experienced people know better what visitors are looking for and act accordingly. This is where the user experience comes into play. If you want users to navigate your site easily and find what they are looking for immediately, you will need an appropriate design. This layout can be achieved with UI design. The design you see will also be a harbinger of whether you can use the site comfortably or not. At this point, UI design also includes user experience.

What Should Be Considered in UI Design?

Before the UI design is made, the goal and wishes of the site owner should be known. In this direction, color, scheme, content are determined and a sketch is created. This draft is presented to the site owner and brainstormed. Thanks to the exchange of ideas, the site can reach its purpose in a shorter time. At this point, the aim of the site owner should be known very well and predictions should be made accordingly. The site designer should put himself in the user’s place and act with this in mind. In this way, what the user demands will be better understood. UI designers should analyze and evaluate users very well.

When performing user analysis in UI design, attention should be paid to features such as which screens the users open, which button they click, which screen they close. These analyzes will directly reveal which topics the user is interested in. If there is any error that may occur during this time, this error must be determined and resolved beforehand. Whether the specified expectations are met or not will be understood according to the time the user spends on the site. If the user is browsing your site for a long time, it will mean that you have reached your goal. In interfaces, the user does not like complexity and can leave the site in a short time. In this case, changes must be made to the interfaces.

The concept of UI is actually like a whole with the concept of UX. UX web design encompasses the user’s experience. But the better your UI design, the better the UX will evolve. Whether the user can use the site comfortably or not is closely related to the visual design of the site. However, the speed and infrastructure of the site is a situation that is more closely related to UX design. A lot of attention is paid to speed when designing UX. These two designs cannot be considered separately from each other. By making these designs together, web designers create much more powerful designs. Thinking and developing only one will cause you to get unsuccessful results in the design. Pay attention to both designs for unmatched success in web design.

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