What is UX Design?

In terms of web design, “What is UX design?” The question finds a broad answer. In this regard, web designers can realize many different designs. UX design literally comes from the initials of the words user experience. It means user experience. All of the experiences in the areas where users interact within the site are within the scope of ux design. In this direction, web designers try to establish a quality interaction environment. In this way, users can spend longer time on the site.

To explain UX design with an example, let’s say we buy a product from a store. We used this product and as long as we used it, we were satisfied and had fun. UX design also aims to give users the same experience within the site. Users should have a good time and enjoy themselves while browsing the site. In this way, users who want to stay longer on the site will move the site to its target. Especially e-commerce sites can increase their sales figures thanks to the visitors they receive. It is within the scope of UX design that visitors can easily create orders.

What Should Be Considered While Making UX Design?

Web designers should empathize by putting themselves in the user’s shoes while designing UX. In this way, it will be possible to predict what the user needs. In addition, certain results can be obtained by analyzing which pages the users browse more and which buttons they press. Analytics give great clues in terms of user experience. Using these tips, various designs can be thought about the future of the site. The goal of the site, whose design is started with this method, is also important.

If the pages created according to the content of the site do not appeal to the purpose of the site, the user experience decreases. This causes visitors to leave the site. The content of the site should comply with its purpose and infrastructure works should be carried out in this direction. In addition, trial and error method can be applied to better understand the user experience. Draft designs can be created and navigated through the site. In the meantime, predictions can be made by predicting which buttons a user will press. This allows you to avoid potential errors. Web designers always experiment by creating certain drafts first.

After the site passes certain tests, it is presented to the site owner. Brainstorming with the site owner can also be helpful at the design point. Because the site owner will express the features that should be on his site. This cooperation will reach the target faster and pave the way for more visitor traffic. In other words, the ux design is based on the user’s experience and acted accordingly. How does the user feel comfortable on the site? How does it travel faster? Various ideas are put forward with such questions. The answers to these questions can find different answers with the development of technology. For this, contacting innovative web designers who keep up with the times will help you get results in a much shorter time.

Integrity Between UX and UI Design

UX design experts know the features that a site should have and offer effective results in this direction. It can be very useful for those who want to get a fast, practical and quality result. UX designers cannot ignore UI design while doing this job. UI design is every detail in the appearance of the website. Since the colors and contents in these details will directly reflect on the user experience, each of them has to be considered. These two designs cannot be considered independently of each other. Both are designs that complement each other.

UI design takes care of the look of the site and templates are created. The experience of the user using these templates is within the scope of UX design. However, it is clear how much they are related to each other. Those who will design the UI also consider the experience of the user. In this direction, web designers carefully complete both designs. Many different designs can be realized at the request of the site owners.

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